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Demonstrating Leadership Capability through Your Team's Performance

Four Actions to Get to Know Your Team Better.

Your team’s performance is a reflection of your leadership capability and having a high performing team benefits both you and your team. Not only will your team be more engaged as they grow professionally, you will also grow as a leader. 

Get To Know Your Team: Learn about their communication and interpersonal styles and preferences, values, what truly matters to them, as well as their strengths, interests, and areas for development. Share with them the same about yourself. This will not only foster a culture of openness and collaboration but will enable you to lead them even more effectively.

Set Clear Expectations: Ensure your team understands expectations, the direction you're heading, and why it matters. Keeping the end goal in mind helps everyone align and work towards success.

Conduct Career Growth Conversations: Take the time to ask each team member about their aspirations for the upcoming year. Discuss their growth goals, skills they want to build, and experiences they seek. Show them their development matters by devoting the time.

Coach Towards Success: Be a guiding force in your team's professional journey. Career development is a key driver of engagement and retention. Coach each member towards their career goals. You will be advancing your own at the same time!

Best wishes for a year of individual and team growth, collaboration, and success! 

LinkedIn, January 10, 2024

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