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Leading with Intention

10 Tips for Becoming an Even More Effective Leader

As a leader, you are not able to achieve your goals without your people. You hired them for their talents and expertise. They want to contribute, feel valued, and grow. Besides, with all the work you have on your plate, you could use the help!

Before you head into the last four months of the calendar year, it’s a fantastic time to pause and reflect on your leadership style and how it impacts your team’s performance, engagement, and potential. You now have a great opportunity to be intentional about how you lead your team.

Here are 10 practical tips for leading your team with intention:

1. Set Achievable Goals and Expectations

Review your goals and those of your team, modifying them as needed based on progress to date and current priorities. With clear goals, your team will know what's expected of them and will be better able to focus their efforts and feel a sense of purpose in their work.

2. Foster Open Communication

Be timely and transparent when communicating with your team. Be an active listener, ask questions, value feedback, and address concerns promptly. A culture of open communication fosters trust and collaboration.

3. Provide Feedback and Coaching

Regular, just-in-time feedback is the most effective approach to help others understand how they are doing and where they stand. Respond quickly and directly, and deal with problems head-on, even if uncomfortable. Focus on behaviors, be specific, be respectful, and don’t shy away from constructive feedback. Formal performance reviews are a good time to discuss lessons learned that will be applied going forward.

4. Encourage Professional Development

Invest in your team's growth by providing them with challenging work, inviting them to join a cross-functional team, or suggesting training opportunities or mentorship programs to help them reach their full potential.

5. Lead by Example

As a leader, your actions speak louder than words. Demonstrate the qualities and behaviors you expect from your team. Your authenticity will inspire others to follow suit.

6. Provide Autonomy and Trust

Empower your team to solve problems, make decisions, and take ownership of their work.

7. Recognize and Celebrate Achievements

Shine the light on your team members. Praise their hard work and celebrate their achievements, no matter how big or small. Recognizing their efforts shows that you appreciate and value their contributions.

8. Cultivate a Positive Work Culture

Foster a positive and inclusive work culture where team members feel valued, respected, and connected. A happy team is a productive team.

9. Provide Support and Resources

Ensure your team has the necessary tools and resources to succeed. Ask them what they need, and be available to provide guidance and support whenever needed.

10. Lead with Empathy

Like yourself, understand that each team member is unique in their experiences and needs.

Remember, leadership is not just about achieving targets. It's about empowering others to thrive and succeed. Simply stated, it’s not about you. It’s about them! By being intentional in how you motivate, engage, and lead your team, you'll create an environment where everyone can shine and reach their maximum potential.

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