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Francine Esrig & Associates

Francine Esrig & Associates, LLC offers two primary services:

Our Advisory Services can help your organization:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your current HR/people processes 

  • Build consistent, efficient hiring, interview and onboarding processes

  • Create a development-focused culture

  • Integrate people practices following a merger or acquisition

  • Ensure the right person is in the right role

  • And so much more…


Our Executive Coaching practice supports you and your leaders in:​

  • Identifying their unique strengths and development opportunities, frequently through self and 360 assessments and feedback

  • Developing leadership skills in specific areas

  • Navigating during changes, integrations and transformation

  • Transitioning and onboarding into new organizations 

  • Building a unique Development Plan with relevant and meaningful  action, practice new behaviors, and monitor progress. 


Our Services

We can provide you with:

- Executive Coaching

- Human Resources / Talent Management Consulting

- Strategic Advisement

- Team and Small Group Facilitation

- Thought Partnership

Our Clients

We work with organizations and executives in mid-market and large, public and private, global companies across a broad range of industries, including:

- Design

- Financial Services

- Media & Entertainment
- Medical Devices
- Pharmaceuticals

- Professional Services

- Technology

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