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Identify Opportunities. Drive Change. Achieve Success.



Strategic Advisory Services

All organizations face distinct challenges as they pursue their business objectives. We know that attracting, hiring, developing and retaining talent is not a “nice to have” - it is a “must have”!

In addition, your organization needs to differentiate itself in the marketplace. The visible commitment your organization makes to provide a positive employee experience, development opportunities, a diverse and inclusive environment and values-based, purpose-driven culture, will enable your organization to reap greater benefits for and from its people. 

Francine Esrig & Associates is your strategic partner to create lasting solutions to overcome your organization's challenges and differentiate itself from its competitors. 

We will  help you identify your organization’s needs, provide strategic advisement based on our decades of experience and knowledge of best practices, and design meaningful, streamlined, and sustainable custom talent solutions to overcome your challenges.


We will work with you to successfully implement solutions and measure results to ensure progress and achievement of objectives.


We will help you drive change that will position you to win in the market. 


If you always do what you always did,
you will always get what you always got.
- Albert Einstein

What We Offer

Our Talent Solutions run the gamut of the employee experience, from before a person is even a prospective job candidate through the time when they exit the organization. And remember, your 'alumni' are your brand ambassadors throughout the market.

Our areas of expertise include the following:

- Career Development | Internal Mobility

- Change Management

- Competency Models | Success Profiles

- Culture | Vision, Mission & Values

- Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

- Facilitation | Group Coaching

- Interviewing | Hiring | Onboarding

- Job Descriptions

- Learning, Leadership & Management  


- Measurement | Pulse Surveys | Engagement


- Organizational Design (Transformations, M&A)

- Performance Management | Goal Setting | 360


- Promotions & Advancement

- Talent Assessment | Succession Planning

We have an array of strategic trusted allianceswho we bring in to any project when there is a need for additional resources or a specific area of expertise.

Who Can Benefit

Leadership & HR Roles

- CEOs, founders, executives & senior leaders

- HR professionals


Any Sector

- Public, private & non-profit organizations

- Private equity & VC-backed firms 

- High growth, mid-market & Fortune 500


Any Maturity Level

- Transforming companies (e.g., merger and

   acquisition, restructuring or leadership change)
- Fast-growing companies
- Organizations in need of a thinking partner or in-house expertise 


Who Else?
- “Enlightened” executives and business owners    

     who know:

     - What their challenges are but don't know 

         the solution

     - Where they want to go but don’t know how to

        get there

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