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Francine Esrig, Ph.D.
Founder | Principal Consultant



I’m Francine Esrig, Strategic Talent Advisor, Consultant, Executive Coach, and Industrial/Organizational Psychologist.


I am passionate about helping organizations become a place where people want to join, make an impact, and tell others it’s a great place to work. 


I am energized by partnering with C-Suite executives, leaders, and Human Resources professionals to identify areas for their organization's or their own improvement, overcome people-related challenges and achieve their individual, team and business professional objectives.


My experiences as an internal leader provide me with a first-hand understanding and empathy for the challenges you and your organization face, in any industry and of any size.


I would be honored to partner with you to help you and your organization become even more successful than you already are.



- Hogan Personality Assessment
- Everything DiSC


- Authenticity
- Empathy & Trust
- Impact
- Professionalism
- Transparency


-  P.h.D.and M.A.Industrial and 

   Organizational Psychology, University of


-  B.A., Psychology, Brandeis University

-  Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the

  Workplace Certificate, USF MUMA

   College of Business

-  AdvancedOrganization  

  Development, Columbia University

  Teachers College

-  Strategic HR Management,

   Cornell University

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