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10 Tips for Strengthening Your Strategic Thinking Skills

1. Be curious and ask questions. Consider how and where you invest your time and resources. Think about your team’s existing capabilities and gaps, how to fill the gaps, etc.

2. Think holistically. Consider yourself, your team, and stakeholders, as well as the overall organization, operations, culture, and mission/vision.

3. Look externally. Study current market changes, recent trends, and upcoming trends. Use what you learned to help identify new opportunities.

4. Make the time. Schedule time for what you need—personally and professionally—and keep each amount of time sacrosanct.

5. Focus on what matters most. Identify the most important business objectives to be achieved. Focus on the most urgent efforts first.

6. Think about what’s possible. Offer potential solutions by being creative. Avoid limiting yourself.

7. Don’t be afraid to take some risks. Step away from the data and listen to what your gut is telling you. Don’t be afraid of using your intuition.

8. Troubleshoot the future. Assess potential obstacles and challenges that you might face. Consider who you know and what you have, and who or what you might need.

9. Seek and gain input from others. Ask team members, peers, and stakeholders to join you for brainstorming, generating ideas, and helping as sounding boards.

10. Embrace failure—and don’t give up. Understand and accept that the first path you take may or may not work. It might be a later path that ultimately leads you towards accomplishing your goals.


Additional Resources & Related Readings

For coaching and guidance in how to strengthen your strategic thinking skills or your team members, reach out to

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