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Great Leaders Cannot Be Vulnerable?!

A very common misconception is that great leaders cannot be seen as vulnerable at work. In fact, when building a development plan with a coaching client, one of the things I encourage them to do is select one or two development areas to share with their direct reports.

This demonstrates that the leader recognizes this as an important development opportunity and that they are human. After all, we all have areas to develop. Furthermore, not only is the leader asking for their team’s support and assistance, perhaps more importantly, they are role modeling good leadership behaviors.

I ask the leader to hold them accountable for making progress in developing in the chosen area, providing the leader with frequent reminders and feedback. I also recommend they encourage their team to do the same with their direct reports.

A culture of transparency and openness to feedback and development can be fostered, one leader at a time. Perhaps, if all leaders allow themselves to be vulnerable, then no one will feel vulnerable.

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