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Look at What We Accomplished in 2021!

Francine Esrig & Associates has made an impact with organizations and executives by:

Employee Experience

  • Facilitating HR Leadership Team’s discussion about “hot topics” in the market, including how organizations are addressing the issues and how these learnings can be applied to the client’s 2022 HR priorities. (Part of the client's business planning process.)

  • Building and implementing behaviorally-based, end-to-end recruiting processes to hire the “best” for an organization and role.

  • Designing and implementing employee-driven, feedback-based performance “check-ins” and review processes.

  • Facilitating talent assessments and performance/promotion calibration meetings to ensure leadership alignment on success criteria and “selection” decisions.

  • Coaching and supporting leaders in addressing the people impacts of large-scale organizational transformations.

  • Building change management and communication plans to support an organizational restructuring.

  • Designing, administering and implementing engagement and targeted pulse surveys to better understand employee perceptions, measure change and monitor progress towards milestones.

Management & Leadership Development

  • Building a competency-based learning and development curriculum.

  • Designing and implementing manager and leadership development curricula and programs.

  • Implementing an enterprise e-Learning platform to provide on-demand, competency-based learning resources.

  • Supporting the onboarding of leaders into new roles or organizations and cultures.

  • Facilitating leadership coaching pods and simulations to reinforce and practice specific behaviors and establish accountability cohorts, as part of firmwide effort to increase leadership effectiveness throughout organization.

Executive Coaching

  • Using Hogan Personality Assessments, conducting in-depth career and leadership interviews and 360-interview findings to gain insight into strengths, blind spots, derailers and values.

  • Conducting executive coaching engagements to gain self-awareness, identify strengths and development areas, build confidence, help execute navigate day to day challenges.

  • Partnering with executives to build and implement development plans in carefully identified areas.

* * * * *

Clients range in industry, size and sector, including:

  • Financial Services

  • Media & Entertainment

  • Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices

  • Professional Services

  • Technology

  • High Growth

  • Middle Market

  • Fortune 500

  • Public

  • Private

Note: Those listed are representative examples.

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