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Adapting to COVID-19 Workplace Practices

Considerations for Leaders & HR Professionals

When companies announce return-to-work plans, some employees will solidify their work-from-home routines, and some will execute logistics to support hybrid schedules. Others, who are expecting to come into the office full-time, are scrambling to find their commuter passes, work mugs and favorite photos to place on their desks. But, as our new "new normal" continues to evolve, some companies are leaning into a hotel-style work arrangement where employees who come into the office will likely be sharing cubicles, and they may not be able to leave their personal items on their desks. This is one example, albeit small, of the changes that will occur for all employees, remote or in-office. Will not having dedicated, personalized home-away-from-home space impact their fulfillment at work? As leaders and human resource professionals, we are tasked with a myriad of considerations in the areas of managing, training, compensation, benefits, hiring, communications, as well as safety and compliance. It's easy to feel overwhelmed or be anxious about missing something. What's important is that organizations are thoughtful and intentional about creating a positive employee experience so as to drive the fulfillment, engagement and retention of their valuable employee assets. This comprehensive checklist compiled by The Society of Human Resource Management is filled with tips and resources to help you determine where to focus and how to stay on track.

Wishing you the best as you adjust to new ways of working, Francine For related articles:

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